Monday, September 29, 2014

Centenary Square opens in Parramatta

We are excited about the opening of Centenary Square (formerly Church Street Mall) in Parramatta. It is near some of the finest Asian restaurants on Church Street South (“Eat Street”), historic buildings, and a train station. Parramatta Town Hall and some nearby buildings are over 150 years old. It’s a wonderful place to eat and shop, yet for years the area suffered from a public perception that it was not safe.

In November 2013, on behalf of the Parramatta City Council, we conducted over 600 street interviews with Church Street Mall shoppers. Our research showed that shoppers wanted the area refurbished and physically changed.

In January 2014, the City began upgrading the area, and reopened it this month. It Is beautiful! There is a fun water fountain, numerous drinking fountains, umbrella shading, better bench seats and individual seats, improved paving, and more cafes and restaurants. The Parramatta City Council listened to the shoppers!

MMM’s staff likes to eat, so we are excited that world-famous chef Jamie Oliver is opening a new alfresco-dining restaurant in Centenary Square in the next few months.

Come see Centenary Square! Bring your family and enjoy the farmers’ market, shops, and eateries – and see what’s coming next.

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