Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Building a New Life in Australia - now in Amharic

"Building a New Life in Australia" (BNLA) is an important five-year project about how refugees and other migrants settle into life in Australia. It is conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS). We at MMM are involved in several ways, such as participating in community engagement aspects of the study, conducting cultural awareness training workshops, and developing the multi-lingual website.

This is Year 2 of the study. The research explores:

  • What is life like for humanitarian migrants as they settle into communities all around Australia?
  • Are humanitarian migrants healthy and happy? 
  • What difficulties are humanitarian migrants facing, and how are they coping? 
  • How well are services able to help humanitarian migrants settle? 
  • How can governments make sure new humanitarian migrants in Australia have the best possible settlement experience?

The research covers 1,500 survey participants from 20 language groups. As an example, click on the image below for a screenshot of the Amharic information. Press here to check out the BNLA website in other languages.

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